Muang Thai Marathon


On 08th October 2017, Kamonwan Fenn will run a marathon in Bangkok to raise money for H4FA in memory of her late husband Mark Fenn.

Mark was a journalist friend and great supporter of H4FA, living in Thailand, who died in January 2016. He had published articles on the ex-servicemen of the Burma Campaign in Thailand, Britain, Malaysia and Singapore (see below for examples).
Mark himself ran a marathon in 2012 for H4FA, and Kamonwan or "Ning" (as her friends call her) will be running in his footsteps for a cause that was very close to his heart. All at H4FA are cheering her on, and remember Mark very affectionately and with great respect.



 We would like to ask you, too, to consider supporting Ning, and by extension, H4FA.  Please consider giving generously.  You may do so by visiting our page


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Please leave a short message with your donation explaining that "this donation is in support of Kamonwan Fenn and the Muang Thai Marathon".  That will help us keep track of your generosity.


Two of Mark Fenn's articles, including the one that was yet to be published when he died:

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